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Corporate Social Responsibility Report Assignment

Corporate Social Responsibility Report - Assignment Example Externally the company strives to comply with its legal responsibilities based on law, legislation and its duties as a taxpayer. Still, the company has a responsibility as a member of the society, community and environment which it operates. It has to offer due diligence, care and protection to that environment. Therefore, Total is socially responsible because it has invested heavily in the development of human capital, protecting the environment and its enhancement of how it relates with all its stakeholders. The company treats all its stakeholders in a manner deemed acceptable in a civilized society. The business is economically profitable, adheres to the rule of law, ethical and socially supportive. The multinational covers all the four tenets of corporate social responsibility which explains the success in its operations.Taking into consideration that CSR is a designed policy to ensure that public interest is promoted proactively so that the growth and development of the communit y is realized, I would market the CSR of Total as a member of the marketing team in the following ways. ... This applies to a company operating in vice products like Total that has faced so many environmental suits due to oil spills before. As a result of this Total has an opportunity to still penetrate the market. Secondly I would strive to make the customers feel fulfilled, this is derived from the fact that customers normally only purchase products that is vast in its CSR activities (Hopkins, 2004). This makes the customer feel a sense of gratitude and fulfillment hence loyalty to a company. It is important for the public to understand the CSR activities of the business because; as a result, most customers will always want to associate with companies that return back to the society apart from just making profits. The customer loyalty created ensures increased consistent sales making CSR a very powerful marketing tool for most companies and Total in specific. As has already been mentioned, CSR will also make customers feel a sense of gratitude and fulfillment. This has the potential impa ct of product patronage hence translating into brand and loyalty to the company. Intensified CSR is able to calm down the perception of the public in the event of a large public relations crisis hence lessen the impacts of the negative publicity (Hopkins, 2004). As it has been witnessed CSR has the power to benefit both the society and the environment on legal, moral and ethical basis apart from the contributions of the same to economic growth and development. The results of CSR are far-reaching as it surpasses its impacts on mere individuals and localities. It crises crosses the whole society, communities and a whole large settlements. CSR policies, programs and processes are strategic and has a series of business related benefits to the operations of any form of profit oriented

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Arcor Case Analysis Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Arcor Case Analysis - Term Paper Example The company was founded in the year 1951, producing a wide range of products ranging from confectioneries to personal hygiene products and also frozen goods. At present the company operates in over 120 countries worldwide and Arcor was also ranked 14th amongst the top 100 candy companies at US in the year 2009 with a revenue of US $ 2.2 billion. The company provides high quality products and on the other hand to reduce the cost of the product Arcor vertically integrated the packaging system into their system. In the year the company was nominated as the ‘best company’ in Argentina from the chamber of commerce of US. This award recognizes the company who includes management sustainability in their corporate practices. The Company also encourages in promotion of education at Argentina and Brazil. This social responsibility is aimed to minimize the problems arising at workplace and the impacts of environment at the manufacturing plants (Innovalatino, 2010). Situation analys is SWOT Analysis The growth of the company and sustainable survival in the industry the SWOT analysis is conducted by the company. It helps the company to understand the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the company identification of which can assist in the implementation of strategies according to the needs of development. Strength Arcor has a great brand name at Argentina. The company’s huge percentage in the domestic market share with around 54% in the candy and 33% at chocolate market gave the company immense popularity in the international market due to its strong base. International acquisition strategy of Arcor with small third party to reduce its price to the end user along with the vertical integration structure for manufacturing of different ingredients facilitates the process of reducing price for the company. This is the major strength of the company which keeps the price low for the firm without affecting the quality of the product. Weaknesses Th e production plants of the company are all located in domestic country thus distribution of the company is a very important aspect to look after by the company. Proper training of the distribution channel and salesperson are required by the company failing to which might create problem for the company to reach to the customers in foreign countries. Building own distribution system can help the company to cope with this problem. Opportunity New product line from the company with over 50 new candy compared to 10 from each competitor can create a huge potential for the company in developing countries where the demand for candies are growing in recent years. Demand for chocolate and confectionery are also increasing which can be a great opportunity for the firm to launch new products in this category (Ghemawt, Rukstad, Illes, 2009, p. 5). Threats Financial crisis and economical slowdown is one of the major threats for the company. While entering into new market the political factor is a lso a possible threat as change in policies of the government can increase the tax on import and export duties which might force the company to increase price for the products, thus loosing the title of being the cost leader in the market. Competitive analysis To get an extra edge in the competitive environment Arcor should analyze the external environment of the firm and understand the threats from different dimensions like new entrants, suppliers,

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Intro to humanities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Intro to humanities - Essay Example This construction was designed to be harmonically ordered so that it reflected the harmony of life. Beyond this type of geometric design comes the combination of practical and aesthetic qualities as the Acropolis (which literally means "high city") was placed on the highest spot in Athens so that its people could retreat there in the case of invasion from the outside. It was a place of both literal and metaphoric sanctuary. Much of the design of the Acropolis is massive in nature, but there are also smaller buildings which may be seen as a form of decoration. For example, there is the Temple to Nike Athena (the Athena of Victory) which commemorates a vital victory over the Persians. It is small in size, but perfect in proportion, as if the Greeks were attempting to show that it is the quality, in geometric perfection, that is more important than its size. The various works of art which once existed in the Acropolis, few of which are still there in their original form, show that the Acropolis was designed as a kind of living history of the mythology of Greece. For example, the porch of the maidens commemorates the mythological contest between Athena and Poseidon over who would be the patron of the new city that had sprung up there. It is perhaps a suitable commentary upon the difficulties involved with keeping the Classical Humanist ideals alive that much of the surviving works of ar

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Principles of Accounting

Principles of Accounting This assignment is based on the accounting and its principles. This assignment contains the explanation of accounting and how much that is effective in any business. Different roles of the accounting in business. This assessment also defines the difference between the financial accounting and management accounting as well. There are also some steps are explained that are used for the planning and budgeting of the business. All this assignment is based on the accounting principles and rules and regulation set by the business organisation. Accounting, acquired sorting, recovery, sketch out, and despite the various reports and information on tests showing that the recording of Financial trades. In like manner to the preparation of the formal accounting of these works, including those who have a calling. Accounting principles he rules and guidelines that companies must follow when reporting financial data. The common set of accounting principles are: Accrual Principle Conservatism Principle Consistency Principle Cost Principle Economic Entity Principle Full Disclosure Principle Going Concern Principle Matching Principle Monetary Unit Principle (Coller, 2015) The main objective of the responsible accounting is providing help in the planning and control of the responsibility centres of the company. Treatment of solid and similar things it recommends the use of accounting system. The work that goes into setting accounting standards of the need for equality is based around an incredible piece. (accounting, n.d.) Good but will be good to explain some of those principles Responsible accounting refers to that type of accounting which is related to budgeting and internal accounting of an organization. The main objective of the responsible accounting is providing help in the planning and control of the responsibility centres of the company. It also involves the preparation of monthly and annual budget for every responsibility centre. OK Characteristics of Responsibility accounting are: Understand ability This kind of expression, clarity, accounting information would be appropriate to propose that the customers who are generally expected to learn the trade and budgetary activities is a sensible. OK Relevance It brings to be important, accounting information should help to shape a client, certified or perhaps a scene change settling on a decision (as this would have a right to my contribution, it would be prudent for a as a rule, I must deposit money to this business? it is thought to be a smart thing for me to do this business?) OK Consistency Treatment of solid and similar things it recommends the use of accounting system. The work that goes into setting accounting standards of the need for equality is based around an incredible piece. OK Reliability Interprets that the accounting information is shown, the straight right, (not necessarily anything left behind a remarkable open door) with and being checked (eg a potential budgetary authority) to get ready. OK Objectivity The estimate provided accounting information and a fair way is declared. By the end of the day, it is a particular client or individual holding the pile is uneven. (Collier, 2015) OK Management accounting is the process of identification, measurement, accumulation, analysis, preparation, interpretation, and communication of information that assists managers in specific decision making within the framework of fulfilling the organizational objectives. That include: Planning: Planning method without further ado or maybe the whole deal. Incredibly organization, with emphasis on the process of creating a convincing business results for orchestrating a drive to collect ached. Planning: management accounting is a basic part of this range is expected. Good Arrangements: Management accounting intense coordination between the various divisions tries to achieve. The division focuses on the need to report the expenses system, to fill various needs this information allows the organization supports. OK Coordinating: a movement of inspiration for athletic technique. Additionally, the accounting organization, towards the achievement of the desired goals of the different divisions related to energize workers while contributing to each and every business destinations like the way allows for example, tries.   OK Controlling: control, so far as money-related arrangements for the holding of a trade are useful in empowering technology is concerned, as well as budgetary control to control a fine strategy. Such divergence in the performance of the business in terms of substance to restorative measures are helpful. OK Communicating: The results of this strategy that the proprietors, supervisors and subordinates are passed through. Essential for customers highlighting the necessary information transmitting data, for example, business progress, joins budgetary position. (Collier, 2015) Very Good There are different important aspects that relate to different features of the businesses finances activities    financial accounting, and management accounting. Financial accounting Financial accounts to its peers out of a relationship is used to present economic prosperity. Best administrative employees, stockholders, foundations and various testers budgetary financial accounting reports are gathering for the audience. Allocation of Financial accounting presents a particular time in the past and see how the Association is performed enables the social function. Financial accounting reports must be stored on a yearly beginning, and associations to publicly traded, some sections of the annual report should be made to record all-inclusive community. Ok Management Accounting Organization or official accounts concerning the normal operation of a business decision to settle is used by the owner. It is in the light of past performance, but not yet present and future examples, which do not contemplate the measure number is developed. As the owner of a volatile situation continued operation in a short time period, the decision to organize the needed parts of the organizations accounting and business decision-making, for example, depends on the enthusiasm. (Collier, 2015) OK Budgeting- its process to how to and how much spend money on different activities to achieve organisational goals creating a Budget. The budget is using by every company or business to set all the expectations for revenue and expenses. Clear. Planning a budget: Identify expenses Pick a sensible rate of your wage to set aside for conceivable later utilize resources or hypothesis accounts. The more you can redirect into hypothesis funds, the better. 10% is a tolerable aggregate for an enthusiastic couple, however sparing even as forlorn as 1 percent can help you to set up strong affinities and begin an instance of setting cash aside. OK Identify expenses There is a degree of differentiating choices to examine when youre set up to make your spending bunch. You can keep it fundamental, utilizing a pen-and-paper framework, or you can utilize a PC programming bunch.   OK Finding the amount for savings On the off chance that your aggregate pay is palatable to deal with your costs and ventures, make seven days by week or month to month spending plan apportioning clear totals for each costs thing. Selecting a budget format Set aside the opportunity to look at the financial course of action now to guarantee that it is sensible and all remuneration and costs are addressed. (Collier, 2015) Good Explain what is an accounting performance? Financial Ratios A standard financial verbalization examination device is budgetary degrees. These degrees take data from the company. Financial pronouncements and learn budgetary pointers for association with another affiliation or the business standard. Financial degrees unite liquidity, resource turnover, monetary use and preferred standpoint computations. Liquidity degrees take in the company capacity to meet decisively budgetary duties. Resource turnover degrees show how well the affiliation utilizes its purposes of enthusiasm for make benefits. OK Horizontal Analysis A Horizontal Financial verbalization examination considers current budgetary pronouncements to a past year financial data. Affiliations a significant part of the time facilitate this examination by putting quite a while of trade related elucidations out a one next to the next examination arrange.   OK Vertical Analysis A vertical financial verbalization examination is composed utilizing basic size financial elucidations. An ordinary measure Financial articulation indicates everything on a monetary elucidation in a rate figure for every revelation line thing. A vertical examination gives supervisor a substitute choice for evaluating financial data; administrators might be more open to looking as opposed to dollar sums.   OK Trend Percentage Analysis A case rate examination is an upgraded even examination system. Slant rate examinations help affiliations perceive persisting vocations or costs from past bookkeeping periods. These cases can help supervisor settle on business choices concerning future operations. OK Best administrative employees, stockholders, foundations and various testers budgetary financial accounting reports are gathering for the audience. Allocation of Financial accounting presents. Financial pronouncements and learn budgetary pointers for association with another affiliation or the business standard. Financial degrees unite liquidity, resource turnover, monetary use and preferred standpoint computations. Liquidity degrees take in the company capacity to meet decisively budgetary duties. Sales cost per unit is dependable. Variable expenses per unit are unsurprising. Total settled expenses are constant. Everything passed on is sold. Costs are influenced considering the way that action changes. Valid points Helpful exercises solidify giving things, associations or cash without altering for any lack by paying representatives less or charging clients more. Financial accounts to its peers out of a relationship is used to present economic prosperity. Best administrative employees, stockholders, foundations and various testers budgetary financial accounting reports are gathering for the audience. This part is not enough clear How diversity in accounting regulation impacts the business Diversity in accounting refers to differences in recording and using financial information; American businesses working with international corporations face challenges handling diversity when dealing with accounting principles. While many companies deal with the differences without interrupting business operation The budgetary effect for relationship of gathered qualities in bookkeeping comes when firms inaccuracy to pull as a rule meander holds in context of bookkeeping contrasts. A helpful business can show up, from each edge, to be a losing wind when the affiliations books are recalculated into figures utilizing masterminded general bookkeeping frameworks or strategies. Regardless of when inspectors are given the bookkeeping contrasts, many are hesitant to put everything out there when confronted with the capabilities in the meander portfolios. This explanation is not clear and you must provide an appropriate example How responsible accounting contributes to ethical and socially and culturally appropriate decision making Ethical Ethical social duty consolidates practices like paying specialists a sensible wage and getting grass-sustained meat from a near to cultivate disregarding the way that it costs you more than experiencing a national provider. Helpful exercises solidify giving things, associations or cash without altering for any lack by paying representatives less or charging clients more. You essentially give in light of an authentic sympathy toward your burger joint without any strings joined to endeavours that favoured viewpoint district occupants, for example, gaining kid auto seats for the contiguous patching centre to progress to unseasoned watchmen. Social Social responsibility is discovered into your budgetary approach by the cash you spare, for instance, through reusing instead of disposing of wrinkled cardboard, or the cash you get by supporting human expressions and get-togethers that attract after-theatre bistros to your foundation. Sans gluten menu things are another example of satisfying the get-togethers dietary needs while making an extra favourable position stream for your cafe.   Ok Culture Culture of adjust, regard and high great benchmarks all through your cafe by tolerating dependable procedures and system and placing them into well-ordered practice on each Horizontal, from association to dishwashers. Evaluate all zones of operation for conceivable changes, from where you buy your make to what you do with your waste. Look to those with a stake in your business, including operators, clients, providers and industry accomplices, for beneficial insights that meet high great gauges. Link them together Regard and high great benchmarks all through the company must have a dependable procedures and system and placing them into well-ordered practice on each Horizontal, from association to dishwashers. Need some effective and technical methods Need some training efforts and schedule for the freshers to understand accounting. Accountants must have mathematical skills. Recommendation must be your own vision It is concluded from the above discussion that the accounting in the business have their own roles and responsibilities in the business. Without the accounting system in any business, that cant be run successfully and smoothly.   References accounting. (n.d.). Retrieved from accounting, m. (n.d.). Retrieved from accounting, r. (n.d.). Retrieved from   Collier, P.M. (2015). introduction to accounting, Accounting for managers, Willey.ppt-17.

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The One Truth Of Reality Essay -- essays research papers

The One Truth of Reality The one single truth of reality is not measured or distinguished -- it is the ultimate paradox. The journey by which one achieves this truth can be a journey of increasing realizations of paradoxes, and finally, freedom from the bubble of limitation of a mind that would perceive such paradoxes as paradoxes in the first place. Truth is the same as spiritual feeling. Of spiritual perception. Of clear perception. Of freedom of the mind. Freedom of the soul. Freedom of the Heart. It is ultimate love and empathy. The end of struggle. Fully knowing the truth is to be enlightened. Fully realizing the truth is having transcended the distortions of the Machine (see The Machine at my web site given below). Truth means complete fulfillment and true happiness. Truth is impossible to change or destroy -- doing so contradicts the very nature of a single truth from which all things seen through distorted perception stem. Finding truth (and thus everything that it is) is the ultimate subconscious goal of all struggling. The search for truth, the want of truth, paradoxically, most often leads to illusion and darkness and pain. This is the case for the general spiritual state of humanity in the late Twentieth Century. In this way, truth, freedom, love, clear perception, purity, transcendence, and enlightenment are all the very same thing. During the journey, one will no doubt see many facets of truth and see them as separate, distinguished, or part of a duality; but in time, one will see how they all link up and ultimately, how everything is a part of the same thing, and how perceiving everything in terms of truth is transcendence of distinguishment and knowing the truth; and in this way, being enlightened, free, and fulfilled -- attaining the ultimate happiness. Transcendent of the Measurable What is perceived tangibly through the primary five senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell) contradicts the nature of truth which is actually transcendent of all distinguishments in the "more tangible" environment. When a person focuses on what he (or she) sees and reacts to it and especially seeks to control his environment, he lives in a dualistic (or polyistic) state wherein lives his struggle to find non-struggle and peace and fulfillment. The illusion is what is sensed through these five senses and having perceived this as somethin... ... the transcendent planes, including the Mindscape. The Journey The journey is the process of the growth of awareness and insight into ultimate truth. Eventually, this means awareness beyond simple intellectual facts, but an awareness of one's truest self, and thus an awareness into the truest nature of everything. Mentally, this can be perceived, just as feelings can be perceived. To feel free of the struggle of pain and pleasure is to feel the currents of the one's entire being, and in this know oneself; and in this, know the truth; and in this, be truly free; and given an end to the quest for self there is an end to the deepest loneliness (which ultimately is confusion regarding oneself) and the greatest sense of fulfillment. The goal, then, should be to find and submit oneself completely to, like water, the feelings that may be perceived (visualized or seen) by the mind as white light. This is a journey through the maze of walls that are a result of the struggling of the psyche in the midst of the darkness and confusion. The easiest way to find the way out of a maze is to rise above (transcend) it and, seeing the light of the universe beyond, find a path leading to the exit.

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Racial Profiling Essay

Introduction What is racial profiling? The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) defines racial profiling as â€Å"the discriminatory practice by law enforcement officials of targeting individuals for suspicion of crime based on the individual’s race, ethnicity, religion or national origin† (2005). Do not confuse racial profiling with criminal profiling; criminal profiling is usually practiced by police in which they use a group of characteristics that are associated with crime to target individuals (ACLU, 2005). Examples of racial profiling include using ones race to target specific drivers for traffic violations and pedestrians for illegal contraband; another prime example is the targeting of Muslims, Arabs, and South Asians since 9/11 in regards to minor immigrant violations without any connection to the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon (ACLU, 2005). Without a doubt, racial profiling occurs on a daily basis all over the world; however let’s focus on racial pr ofiling in the United States and specifically right here in our homeland, Michigan. Background & History When did racial profiling first begin? Even though racial profiling still exists today, it is not a recently new phenomenon. Racial profiling can date back to the 1700s when slavery was a common way of life for many African Americans. Like present-day racial profiling, one’s skin color is what has made them subject to discriminatory treatment from law enforcement (Rushing, K., 2013). In South Carolina, white men policed the black slaves on plantations and hunted for escaped slaves; this was referred to as â€Å"slave patrol†. Most slaves were not free, and if they were they had to carry freedom papers or a pass to prove that they had permission to be off of the plantation (Rushing, K., 2013). If a black person was found to have run away they were beaten, whipped or even killed as the consequence. Even into the 20th century, after slavery, blacks were again forced into another form of involuntary servitude called convict leasing; this is where they were leased to work fo r private companies, whether it be on plantations or railroads and coal mines (Rushing, K., 2013). Regardless of what the 14th amendment states in the Constitution, laws were still broken and applied differently to blacks and whites. This became a major issue when the War on Drugs began in 1982. Reagan wanted to stop drug use and sales with ruthless sentencing  laws; they focused on urban black neighborhoods to promote anti-drug efforts. Although the prison population tripled there were substantial racial disparities; in 2010 the US Bureau of Justice Statistics indicated that black males had an imprisonment rate that was nearly seven times higher than white men (Rushing, K., 2013). And the rate of incarceration among black women was almost three times that of white women; a Human Rights Watch study in 2009 showed that blacks are arrested at much higher rates than whites even though they commit drug offense at comparable rates (Rushing, K., 2013). Racial profiling isn’t spec ifically focused on drug offenses but focuses on any form of crime being committed by any person who isn’t of white decent. There are many notorious instances where racial profiling has occurred including bicycling while black and brown in Eastpointe, Michigan, walking while black and brown in New York City, and gang database racial profiling in Orange County, California. In Eastpointe, 21 young black youths were stopped by police because they were riding their bicycles through a white suburb. The ACLU joined the suite against Eastpointe, Michigan, to represent the youths. They argued that the â€Å"bicyclists were stopped in this predominantly white suburb of Detroit because of their race and not because they were doing anything wrong† (ACLU, 2005). In 1996 a memo sent to the Eastpointe City Manager had a statement from the former police chief that he instructed his officers to investigate any black youths riding through Eastpointe subdivisions. Through extensive searching of police logs, it was found that Eastpointe had over 100 incidents between 1995 and 1998 just like this one (ACLU, 2005). In New York City’s police department report in December 1999, the stop and frisk practices showed to be greatly based on race. In NYC, blacks make up 25.6% of the city’s population, Hispanics 23.7% and whites are 43.4% of NYC population. However, according to the report, 50.6% of all persons stopped were black, 33% were Hispanic, and only 12.9% were white. As you can see, more than half of the individuals who were stopped were black, 62.7% to be exact (ACLU, 2013). In Orange County, California Latinos, Asians and African Americans were more than 90% of the 20,221 men and women in the Gang Reporting Evaluation and Tracking System (ACLU, 2013). Clearly this database record shows racial profiling occurred when the total population in the database made up less than half of Orange County’s population. This is when the California Advisory Committee of the  U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and the ACLU stepped in. One other instance of racial profiling I’d like to discuss occurred in Maricopa County, Arizona. A court ruled in May 2013 that â€Å"sheriff Joe Arpaio’s routine handling of people of Latino descent amounted to racial and ethnic profiling†; according to CNN, the sheriff’s office had a history of targeting vehicles with those having darker skin, examining them more strictly and taking them into custody more often than others (CNN, 2014). Judge Murray Snow ordered a monitor to oversee retraining in this office and to create a community advisory board to prevent further racial profiling; retraining and monitoring the sheriff’s office will cost the county $21,943,107 over the next year and a half (CNN, 2014). As you can see from the information above, racial profiling is still an issue in present America. In today’s policing environment especially, race relations is one of the most important issues and challenges; to the point of state legislatures contemplating bans on racial profiling, mandate data collection, require police officer training, make funds available for video cameras in police cars and other measures to help put a stop to racial profiling (Portis, E., 2001). Issues/Problems a. Why racial profiling is an issue b. What problems have resulted from racial profiling i. Death c. What problems have occurred because of racial profiling II. Racial Profiling & the Law a. Past/Present laws on racial profiling in Michigan i. House Bill 4927- Racial sensitivity training & retrain officers guilty of racial profiling, along with instructing Michigan’s attorney general’s office to investigate stop & search patterns (Police Foundation, 2005). b. Past/Present court cases in Michigan c. Public attention i. Racial profiling costing Arizona $22 million – to retrain officers and monitor the retraining (CNN, 2014). III. Conclusion a. Solutions to racial profiling i. Retraining police departments Sources: American Civil Liberties Union [ACLU]. (2014). Racial Profiling: Definition. Retrieved February 21, 2014 from: CNN US. (2014). Racial profiling costs Arizona county $22 million. Retrieved February 21, 2014 from: Portis, Ervin. (2005). Racial Profiling: The State of the Law. Retrieved February 20, 2014 from: Rushing, Keith. (2013). Dissecting the Long, Deep, Roots of Racial Profiling in America. Retrieved February 20, 2014 from: rushing/dissecting-racial-profiling_b_2740246.html

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Why the New Hampshire Primary Is so Important

Why the New Hampshire Primary Is so Important Soon after Hillary Clinton announced to the world Im running for president  in the 2016 election, her  campaign made it clear what her next steps would be: She would travel to New Hampshire, where she won in 2008, well ahead of the primaries there to make her case directly to voters. So whats the big deal about New Hampshire, a state that offers up only four electoral votes in the presidential election? Why does everyone - the candidates, the media, the American public - pay so much attention to The Granite State? Here are four reasons why the New Hampshire primaries are so important. The New Hampshire Primaries Are First New Hampshire holds its primaries before anyone else. The state protects its status as first in the nation by maintaining a law that allows New Hampshires top elections official to move the date earlier if another state tries to pre-empt its primary. The parties, too, can punish states that try to move their primaries before New Hampshires. So the state is  a proving ground for campaigns. The winners capture some early, and important, momentum in the race for their partys presidential nomination. They become instant frontrunners, in other words. The losers are forced to re-evaluate their campaigns. New Hampshire Can Make or Break a Candidate Candidates who dont do well in New Hampshire are forced to take a hard look at their campaigns. As President John F. Kennedy famously said,  If they dont love you in March, April and May, they wont love you in November.   Some candidates quit after the New Hampshire primary, as President Lyndon Johnson did in 1968 after winning only a narrow victory against U.S.  Sen. Eugene McCarthy of Minnesota. The sitting president came within just 230 votes of losing the New Hampshire primary - an unprecedented failure - in what Walter Cronkite called a major setback. For others, a win in the New Hampshire primary cements the path to the White House. In 1952, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower won after his friends got him on the ballot. Eisenhower went on to win the White House against  Democrat Estes Kefauver that year. The World Watches New Hampshire Presidential politics has become a spectator sport in the United States. Americans love a horse race, and thats what the media serve up: Endless public-opinion polls and interviews with voters in the run-up to Election Day. The New Hampshire primary is to political junkies what Opening Day is to Major League baseball fans. That is to say: Its a really big deal.   The Media Watch New Hampshire The first primary of the presidential election season used to allow the television networks a trial run at reporting results. The networks compete to be first to call the race. In  Martin Plissners book The Control Room: How Television Calls the Shots in Presidential Elections,  the February 1964 New Hampshire primary was described as a  media  circus and, therefore, the center of the political worlds  attention.   Over a thousand correspondents, producers, technicians and support people of all kinds descended on New Hampshire, its voters and its merchants to confer the special franchise they have ever since enjoyed ... Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, New Hampshire was the first test in every cycle of the networks speed in declaring winners of elections. While networks continue to compete against each other to be first to call the race, they are overshadowed by digital media in reporting the results first. The emergence of online news sites has only served to add to the carnival-like atmosphere of news coverage in the state.